About Us

Sieria Payne is a Serial Entrepreneur, Owner & Operator of several businesses. Sieria started her first home health care business in 2015 and another  Health Care business in 2017, after working in the health care industry 10 years. She then took her passion for helping and her enthusiasm to motivate other entrepreneurs and launched The Mommyprenuer Company, A  consultation company for Moms to Network, Learn, & Grow, all while raising their babies. With a strong foundation as a business owner she decided it was her turn to give back. Under the umbrella of The Mommyprenuer Company she created The Mommy Galleria, a business suit line where 30% of the proceeds will be put into a grant and donated to the Mommypreneur foundation to help moms start businesses.  To date Sieria has donated over $5,000 in scholorships to help moms with business startup funding. She’s a firm believer in giving back to her community & being a advocate for women in business. Sieria's goal is to use her platform to empower women to chase their dreams and create successful companies.

In 2019 Sieria came up with the idea to open a space where moms could work while the kids play and that’s how The Business Coworking Lounge was born. The Business Coworking Lounge was designed to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality At the core of our philosophy is the belief that as moms, we have the power to do it all. When we set our minds to an objective, nothing stands in our way. We built our co-space for moms with the idea that together we can help each other make the journey to success a lot easier. Being a sister company to The Mommypreneur Company, we have learned that in groups, we can really find the critique, advice and support we need to see things from a different perspective. As we go about our daily lives, it can often feel like we’re alone in our efforts. However, when you come together at our co-working space for moms, you will begin to see things from a fresh perspective. This can really help you take things to a new level.