Why Women Need a Membership at our Coworking Space

Here at The Business Coworking Lounge, we understand the struggles that women in business go through. Our CoWorking lounge was created to help combat those barriers that prevent women like ourselves from building thriving businesses. 

The first complication on that list is finding a proper location where like minded women can come together and help each other through positive discourse and constructive feedback. At The Business CoWorking Lounge, you will find that we all have our fair share of difficulties and hang ups. However, by coming together and expressing ourselves around a group who has the same goals, we can overcome anything. 


Another very critical difficulty The Business CoWorking Lounge helps to solve relates to working moms. We love our children, but let’s face it, they require massive amounts of attention. It can be very difficult to find the time to achieve anything if we are always catering to our babies. Have no fear, The Business CoWorking Lounge has a solution for this also. We have included a safe and supervised playspace for babies and a workspace for bigger kids to work on their own businesses. Bring in your babies and let them run around while you get to work on building something special. 

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